Colors of Harmony

Prayer Fags

As a guest at The Casiita, you can visit Bylukuppe Tibetian Settlement even after a  long journey to Coorg since its located few kilometers from The Casiita and the trip is going to be worthwhile.

As you enter the Bylukuppe, you might notice the colorful flags fluttering in the breeze and make you wonder if you’re in Tibet. They are not merely some small colored cloth pieces with some strange writings on them. These prayer flags are called Dar Cho. “Dar” means to increase health and wealth. “Cho” means all living beings. There is a meaning corresponding to each colors of Dar Cho.

Blue –space, White –air, Red –fire, Green –water and Yellow –earth.

The mantras, prayers and powerful symbols on these flags produce spiritual auras and is carried by the wind across the countryside coupled with the natural energy of the wind, quietly unify the environment, fairly increasing happiness and good fortune among all living beings.. The silent prayers are blessings spoken in the breath of nature. Tibetan tradition considers prayer flags to be holy and hence when disposing of old prayer flags, the customary way is to burn them so that the smoke may carry their blessings.

So the next time you visit Coorg and see Dar Cho in Bylukuppe, you can share the importance of them with your friends. Also have the prayer flags with scared mantras placed in your garden and may all beings everywhere receive benefit and find happiness.