5 Tips to Recreate Romantic Moments at Home.

1)Breakfast in bed:

Plate up a delightful and simple breakfast that two of you can enjoy in the bed. “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach”.

2)Create an ambience with the prevailing items at home:

Organize the candles on the bedside.Change the bedcovers & curtains to give your bedroom a fresh feel. According to color psychology pink for romance, red for passion and white for happiness. Take your pick!

3)Write a love letter:

Love letters don’t cost a copper penny nevertheless boosts your love and sets up a perfect backdrop for romance. Expressing your feelings for each other can bring back the lost glory of the relationship.

4)Create a love potion:

If wine is not your thing, try creating a cocktail with the ingredients simply out there. eg:Take a tall glass of Tropicana gauva juice, add a shot of vodka. Do not mix. Add a bit of ginger juice for the twist.

5)Lastly, don’t forget to promise your love a trip to Coorg over the weekend and stay at The Casiita.

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